• Admission to the next upper classes the student has to qualify a written test.
  • Registration is no guarantee for admission and registration fee is not refundable.
  • Subject for admission test Mathematics, English and Hindi Documents at the time of Admission
  • There is no written test for admission in NUR, LKG & UKG

For details contacts: School office from 9AM to 1PM. Age at the time of Admission (1st APRIL


  • If any parents want to take T.C. after completion of session they have to submit application before st31 March otherwise they have to pay one month fees for the next class.
  • If the child is withdrawn in mid-session or expelled from the school, the fees and charges paid (except caution money) will not be refunded in part or in full.
  • Transfer certificate will not be issued until or unless all the dues are cleared.



A student can be expelled from the school if he/she is found to be a bad conduct, disciplinary action and repeated detention in the same class.